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48-Port Layer 3 Managed Gigabit Switch with 4 10Gbe Ports

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Product introduction

S5700-24G-24F-4TF three-layer management switch is designed for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), large enterprises and Internet service providers (ISPs).

The S5700-24G-24F-4TF switch has 24 Gigabit Ethernet RJ45 and 24 Gigabit SFP ports, 4 10 GBE SFP + ports, advanced security functions and advanced quality of service (QoS).

Strong multi business processing capability

Support OSPF dynamic routing protocol and RIP dynamic routing protocol

Support static routing and DHCP server host assignment of IP addresses.

Support DHCP relay and proxy ARP.

Support IEEE 802.1Q VLAN, MAC VLAN, IP VLAN and voice VLAN.

Support GVRP to realize dynamic VLAN distribution, registration and attribute propagation.

Support VLAN VPN function and QoS

Support IGMP V1 / V2 multicast protocol and Poe management

Support hardware watchdog and IPv6 Ping, IPv6 tracert, IPv6 Telnet, IPv6 SSH, IPv6 SSL.

Complete security protection mechanism

Support ternary binding of IP address, MAC address and port to filter packets.

Support ARP and IP source protection

Support DOS protection and land attack, scan synfin, xmascan and Ping flooding attacks.

Support 802.1x authentication and port security.

Support DHCP snooping

Various reliability protection

Support STP / RSTP / MSTP spanning tree protocol, eliminate layer-2 loops, and realize link backup.

Support spanning tree security to prevent devices in the spanning tree network from various forms of malicious attacks.

Support static aggregation and dynamic aggregation to improve link reliability

Convenient operation and maintenance

Support various management and maintenance methods

Support HTTPS, SSL V3 and sshv1 / V2 encryption

Support RMON, system log and port traffic statistics

Support cable detection, Ping detection and tracert detection

Support lldp, convenient for network management system

Support CPU monitoring, memory monitoring, Ping detection, tracert detection and cable detection.