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2.4G wireless bridge (1KM transmission distance)

Product introduction

RD-S300CPE is a 2.4G wireless bridge with a maximum wireless rate of 150Mbps and a maximum transmission distance of 1km. Point to point or point to multipoint wireless interconnection greatly saves the laying cost of wired networks. PoE power supply is supported.

Product function

The longest transmission distance is 1km

The one-to-one transmission mode can realize the stable wireless transmission of 1 km.

Qualcomm chips, more stable and robust performance

Qualcomm industrial chips, combined with 64M large memory, provide more stable wireless transmission capacity.

Industrial directional antenna with wider signal coverage

Equipped with professional directional high gain dual polarization antenna, the wireless coverage is wider.

Three prevention design

Professional hardware and shell design, up to 8Kv lightning protection, can easily cope with the harsh outdoor environment.

Factory configuration free, faster installation

The default is the paired bridge connection, which is truly plug and play and configuration free.