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16-port Gigabit Layer 2 Managed AI Poe switch

Product introduction

PS3016GS adopts a new generation of high-performance hardware and software platform, provides flexible and cost-effective access and Gigabit uplink ports, and supports complete security protection mechanisms, perfect acl/qos policies and rich VLAN functions.

Support APOLLO visual cloud management operation and maintenance – “139” mode

1: The equipment is centralized to one platform, namely APOLLO platform, for unified management and operation and maintenance.

3: The equipment can be managed and maintained through mobile terminal, PC terminal and local.

9: It can realize nine core technical service sectors of APOLLO platform

Strong business processing ability

Support IEEE 802.1Q VLAN, MAC VLAN, IP VLAN, voice VLAN, and flexibly divide VLANs according to different requirements

Support GVRP and VLAN VPN functions

Support QoS, support three priority modes based on port, 802.1p and DSCP, and four queue scheduling algorithms: WFQ, SP, WRR and sp+wrr.

Support ACL and IGMP v1/v2 multicast protocols

Support Poe management Poe power limit management and hardware watchdog

IPv6 Ping, IPv6 tracert, IPv6 Telnet, IPv6 SSH, IPv6 SSL are supported.

Complete safety protection mechanism

Support the ternary binding of IP address, MAC address and port to filter packets.

Support ARP protection, and protect against common ARP Spoofing and ARP flooding attacks such as gateway spoofing and man in the middle attacks in LAN.

Support IP source protection to prevent illegal address counterfeiting including MAC spoofing, IP spoofing, and mac/ip spoofing.

Support DOS protection and protect against land attack, scan synfin, xmascan, Ping flooding and other attacks.

It supports 802.1x authentication, provides authentication function for LAN computers, and controls the authorization status of controlled ports according to the authentication results.

Support port security, stop learning when the number of port learning MAC addresses reaches the maximum number, prevent MAC address attacks and control port network traffic.

Support DHCP snooping, effectively prevent private DHCP server, and ensure the legitimacy of DHCP server.

Diversified reliability protection

Support loop protection, automatically detect the loop status of the switch and block the loop port.

Support stp/rstp/mstp production tree protocol, eliminate layer-2 loop and realize link backup.

Support the spanning tree security function to prevent devices in the spanning tree network from various forms of malicious attacks.

Support static convergence and dynamic convergence, effectively increase link bandwidth, achieve load balancing, link backup, and improve link reliability.

Easy operation and maintenance

Support diversified management and maintenance methods such as web network management, CLI command line (console, telnet), SNMP (v1/v2/v3).

It supports HTTPS, SSL V3, sshv1/v2 and other encryption methods for safer management.

It supports RMON, system log and port traffic statistics, which is convenient for network optimization and transformation.

Support cable detection, Ping detection and tracert detection operations, and easily analyze the failed network nodes.

It supports lldp to facilitate the network management system to query and judge the communication status of the link.

It supports CPU monitoring, memory monitoring, Ping detection, tracert detection, and cable detection.