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10 Ports Gigabit Managed Industrial PoE Switch

Product introduction

IS108GPS-2F is a Gigabit managed industrial Poe switch, which provides 8 Gigabit Poe ports and 2 gigabit optical ports. Each Poe port can provide up to 30W power, which is suitable for ieee802.3af/at compatible power supply devices (PDS).

IS108GPS-2F can also support rich network management functions: operating ring (self-healing time <10ms), RSTP, VLAN, QoS, snmpv1/v2c/v3, IEEE802.1x, ssh/ssl, port mirroring, port aggregation, etc.

Support APOLLO visual cloud management and operation – “139” mode

1: The equipment is centralized on one platform, namely APOLLO platform, which manages the operation and maintenance uniformly.

3: Devices can be managed, operated and maintained in three ways: Mobile, PC and local.

9: APOLLO platform can realize 9 core technical service sectors

Hardware function

Support dual redundant DC power supply or dual DC / AC redundant power supply to meet the power requirements in different power supply environments.

It supports anti vibration and dust prevention, and meets the IP40 protection standard.

It supports advanced electromagnetic compatibility protection, electrostatic discharge immunity, radiated electromagnetic field immunity, electrical fast transient pulse group immunity, surge immunity, and 6kV high-voltage lightning protection.

Support the guide rail bracket.

Software function

Support IEEE 802.1Q VLAN, MAC VLAN, IP VLAN and voice VLAN.

Support GVRP to realize dynamic VLAN distribution, registration and attribute propagation.

Support VLAN VPN function.

Support QoS, support three priority modes based on port, 802.1p and DSCP, and four queue scheduling algorithms: WFQ, SP, WRR and sp+wrr.

Filter packets by configuring matching rules, processing operations and time permissions, and provide flexible security access control policies to support ACLS.

It supports IGMP v1/v2 multicast protocol and IGMP interception to meet the requirements of multi terminal HD video monitoring and video conference access.

Support Poe management, Poe power limit, Poe chip status check, setting Poe port priority and customizing Poe power supply time period.

It supports hardware watchdog. The device has a suspended animation state and automatically restarts to restore normal working state.

Support IPv6 Ping, IPv6 tracert, IPV