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6-port Gigabit Managed Switch

Product introduction

IS104GS-2F is a 6-port industrial management Ethernet switch, which provides four 10/100/1000mbps RJ45 ports and two Gigabit SFP ports. It is especially suitable for applications that are difficult to provide AC power and require high wiring costs.

Corrugated high-strength aluminum profile shell, IP40 level, low-power design, anti-seismic guide rail installation, working temperature of -40 ℃ -75 ℃, which can work in harsh environments. Support the management of APOLLO cloud.

Support APOLLO visual cloud management and operation – “139” mode

1: The equipment is centralized on one platform, namely APOLLO platform, which manages the operation and maintenance uniformly.

3: Devices can be managed, operated and maintained in three ways: Mobile, PC and local.

9: APOLLO platform can realize 9 core technical service segments

Hardware function

Support dual redundant DC power supply or dual DC / AC redundant power supply to meet the power requirements in different power supply environments.

It supports anti vibration and dust prevention, and meets the IP40 protection standard.

Support advanced EMC protection

Support electrostatic discharge immunity

Support radiated electromagnetic field anti-interference

Support electrical fast transient burst anti-interference

Support Surge immunity

Support 6kV high-voltage lightning protection.

Software function

Support IEEE 802.1Q VLAN, MAC VLAN, IP VLAN and voice VLAN.

Support GVRP to realize dynamic VLAN distribution, registration and attribute propagation.

Support VLAN VPN function.

Support QoS, support three priority modes based on port, 802.1p and DSCP, and four queue scheduling algorithms: WFQ, SP, WRR and sp+wrr.

It supports IGMP v1/v2 multicast protocol and IGMP interception to meet the requirements of multi terminal HD video monitoring and video conference access.

Support hardware watchdog.

IPv6 Ping, IPv6 tracert, IPv6 Telnet, IPv6 SSH, IPv6 SSL are supported.

Security mechanism

Support ternary binding of IP address, MAC address and port to filter packets.

Support ARP protection and prevent ARP Spoofing and ARP flood attacks, such as gateway spoofing and man in the middle attacks.

Support IP source protection to prevent illegal address spoofing, including MAC spoofing, IP spoofing, and mac/ip spoofing.

Support DOS protection and attack.

It supports 802.1x authentication, provides authentication function for LAN computers, and controls the authorization status of controlled ports according to the authentication results.

Support port security. When the port knows the maximum number of MAC addresses