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Gigabit uplink 16-port AI PoE switch

Product introduction

AI1016 is a non managed PoE switch specially designed for security transmission and WiFi coverage, which can meet the POE power supply requirements of WiFi AP, IP camera, WiFi bridge, IP phone and other types of equipment.

Product parameters

16 100m RJ45 ports (supporting PoE power supply)

Two 1000Mbps RJ45 ports

2 SFP ports

Five working modes are supported: standard switching, AI VLAN, AI extension, AI Poe, and AI QoS modes.

Support ieee802.3af/at, single port output maximum power 30W

Power supply: 250W

Support APOLLO visual cloud management and operation – “139” mode]

1: The equipment is centralized on one platform, namely APOLLO platform, which manages the operation and maintenance uniformly.

3: Devices can be managed, operated and maintained in three ways: Mobile, PC and local.

9: APOLLO platform can realize 9 core technical service sectors

One key switch, five working modes

Standard switching mode: all ports communicate freely, which is suitable for ordinary data transmission environment.

AI VLAN mode: separating 1-8 ports from each other can effectively suppress network storms and improve network performance.

AI expansion mode: designed for monitoring application scenarios, 1-8 ports support 250 meter long-distance power supply.

AI Poe mode: automatic self-test, restart the device when it is found that the device is suspended

AI QoS mode: video data priority, smoother transmission

PoE power supply function

16 100m RJ45 ports support PoE power supply.

It supports ieee802.3af/at standard protocol, and the maximum Poe output power of a single port is 30W.

Stable transmission

It has power circuit protection, which can protect the security and stability of back-end equipment.

All ports support non blocking wire speed forwarding to achieve smoother transmission.

Green energy conservation

Intelligent power supply, with the lowest power consumption, ensures the power consumption of PD terminal.

Fan free design, energy saving and environmental protection; No noise, reduce the impact on the environment.

Support the energy-saving function of port without link.

Simple operation

Zero configuration characteristic power supply, plug and play, no configuration, simple and convenient.

Users can easily understand the working status of the equipment through the power supply and port status indicators (links / actions).