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10-port AI PoE switch

Product introduction

AI1010BT is a 10 port AI Poe switch. It has four working modes: AI VLAN mode, AI CCTV video monitoring mode, AI power mode and AI QoS mode. By default, all ports can communicate freely; 1-4 ports support IEEE 802 af/at/bt standard, and 5-8 ports support IEEE 802 af/at standard, which can automatically detect and identify PDS and provide power for it.

Major function

AI expansion: 1-8 ports support 250m long-distance power supply (category 5 or above is recommended)

AI VLAN: isolate ports 1-8 from each other, effectively suppress network storms and improve network performance

AI QoS: prioritize the identified video data to make the video transmission smoother

AI POE: automatically detect the port power supply. If a crash is found, turn off the power and restart the device

Support IEEE 802.3af/at/bt standard

Support automatic mdi/mdix;

Store and forward switching mode is adopted

Intelligent power supply, with minimum power consumption, to ensure the demand of partial discharge power supply

It has power circuit protection to protect the safety of partial discharge

The configuration characteristics of the power supply will not be automatically provided to the adaptive equipment;

Fan free design, energy saving and environmental protection; No noise, reduce the impact on the environment

Compact design

Ports that support energy-saving without links

All ports have line speed forwarding capability

Plug and play, easy to use